JCB Leccy Nail Gun

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23 Dec 2002
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Mini gloat this one, 19.99 + dreaded in Makros

takes 15mm and 10mm brads so is fine for fitting some mouldings etc

Very sturdily built, looks like an air nailer, all metal construction.

Fired about 30 15mm pins into a fence panel outside the back door,
didn't have anything else to hand :lol: .

Amazingly didn't mark the panel at all and all pins where set below the surface.

Missed with one pin and hit a screw head, jammed the gun. 4 Cap screws to loosen and free the jam. wouldn't want to take the 4 screws all the way out as you can bet your life at least 1 spring will be sprung never to be found again.

Will try it out on some proper wood at the weekend

For pinning thinner material cant see how you can go wrong for 24 quid all in