IT geeks.. recommend any data recovery software?

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3 Jun 2016
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Had a corrupted SATA HD, removed it from machine and using a little enclosure connected it to a good PC. There's several gig of stuff on there but can't access it.

Can you recommend any suitable software?

EaseUS any good?
Cheers Rick

It was pulled out of a machine that would no longer boot up windows 7. Despite my best efforts with recovery disks, repair options etc I couldn't get the pipper to start windows. I assumed part of the HD had become corrupted.

If I connect this extracted HDD via the USB Sata enclosure thingy, I can open the drive and look but the contents appears to be just a "recovery" file of unknown extension and a few tiny XML docs. If I got disk properties it's showing 8 gig of files with 7gig free.

Someone recommended "GetDataBack" so might try that.

Edit - tried that GetDataBack, it's absolutely brilliant! Problem solved, got all the required data from the drive.