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Are you sure this Graph is timber prices rather than share prices or some other index. The source is Nasdaq, I quote “Both the Dow and the Nasdaq, then, are terms that refer to an index, or an average of a great many numbers derived from the price movements of certain stocks“.

It’s the commodity price of timber. Like oil or copper. It is the US dollar price per 1,000 board feet.
All you people complaining about wood prices, do you think it grows on trees!!
I try to use recycled wood for a lot of the things I make. I am lucky to have a few timber recycling companies near. I recently got a batch of 65mm X 45mm X 1.6m sawn for £1 each. It had come out of a gym hall. It required a bit of time to remove some nails, but when run through the planer, it was amazing quality.
Here is a link to a world bank document, World Bank Commodities Price Data (The Pink Sheet) Dated 2-Apr-2021
if you scroll down to the bottom it gives indices for low and medium income countries. For timber it give the following
2010 indices 100 (base date)
2 April 2021 indices 91.4.

here is a site giving a graph of world bank historical figures, indices for March 2021 is 91.2 So ties in with figures directly from the world bank. have attached the chart for the last 5 years. Whilst the prices we are paying are skyrocketing the prices the poorer countries are getting is 90 of what they received in 2010. No wonder we have such terrible problems in the world and migrants risking their lives to get in.


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It’s the commodity price of timber. Like oil or copper. It is the US dollar price per 1,000 board feet.
Ok, in that case I have attached the graph since 2012. Huge recent Increases in US timber prices.


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