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4 Feb 2021
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Clent, Worcs
...thank you for allowing me (Angie) on to your Forum, a brief intro;

Male, mid-life crisis approaching, employed 🙂

Live in a house where I'm the only individual with a Gentleman's Shed. Rest of them are:

A wife
2 daughters
1 Lab puppy (16 and very much on her last legs)
3 cats (all female), one of which has 3 legs
3 chickens
20 odd fish


Following 6 months at HM's NHS pleasure decided to tone down the working and pursue fun.
Metal/wood work projects
Currently off work still so dedicated myself to sorting out the (3) sheds. Where the hell did we accumulate so much rubbish?

Current enthusiasm:

Kitting out the WS without the wife finding out how much I'm spending. I shall be stalking the sales/wanted sections assiduously but also contributing generally if I feel I have something to add.


hi and welcome, I am sure you will have a lot of fun here and in the shed
hi sbd
dare we ask what sbd stands for. i have worked with some guys where sbd ( silent but deadly ) was a way of them emptying the workshop.🤢
there is definately a good bunch of very helpfull people here.
cheers paul
Welcome mate. Very friendly bunch here who will go above & beyond to help with just about anything and everything (we even have a couple of fish fanciers here - not sure about odd fish though). :)
S = Scout
B = Bomber
D = Douglas

Paul, workshop? I can empty a supermarket 😄

Cheers all 🙂

PS: secret personal bank accounts are your friend...
Whatever you decide to buy for workshop DON'T EVER USE A CARD ON A JOINT ACCOUNT, the resulting nuclear fall-out has an infinite and continually recurring explosion, that will make the Universe Big Bang sound like a wet fart.
Please don't ask how I know, just don't make my mistake 😱😱😱😱😱


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