Homemade drum sander


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15 Dec 2022
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I have a lathe that I could use for the drum, and a variable speed scroll saw to drive the table.
There are loads of U tube videos on how to make one.
Has anybody made one?
Did it work?
Did the end result justify the effort?
Don’t want to spend lots of money on the real thing
I have a home made drum sander I purchased from another member of this forum. It has been excellent and I wouldn't be without it now.
Plenty of folks made them on the luthier forums like the OLF, should you wish to see more.
I was going to make one, before I seen what a hand plane can do.
No dust and no clogging belts, makes little sense to me now.

I've used my SIP midi with a homemade drum, using steel tube leg and plywood rings. Went down the route of an angle adjusted table.
Yes it works, even got good dust extraction, but was it worth it, I don't think so TBH.
I have one, very useful to me (make guitars) and wouldn't be without one. Biggish blanks or sub-2mm plates, good with figured wood. Extraction is very effective, virtually nothing escapes (half-round section hood, quite close-fitting). Mine is manual push, didn't bother with power feed and haven't felt the need to yet. The table is topped with a glass sheet so things slide easily.
Only thing I wish for is dual drums with a finer grade on one, or a second sander. Which isn't going to happen, but ideal world etc