Hi all, MuddyFunster from Wiltshire


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26 Oct 2021
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Yes the name comes from a Harry Enfield sketch, well worth watching if you can find it and are a fan of goodfellas or the Sopranos!!

At the start of lockdown i needed something to de-stress and occupy some down time, so I bought a second hand record DML250 for £300 quid including chisels, a record chuck, a pen mandrel and kit and various other bits.

I realised I needed a negative rake scraper for some fine finishing ans bowl internals - so me, being me, I bought a piece of HSS from amazon and ground the tang and cutting/scraping edge and then turned a handle. - that was it I was hooked.

So now I am slowly increasing my set of tools and equipment, making bowls, an 8' outdoor dining table for the patio from reclaimed wood and a few other pieces.... this could get expensive...... :D
Hi muddy... welcome to the dark world..... I embarked n turning two years ago...after being given an old Sealey lathe....I upgraded to Axminster 355...and now enjoying making wooden ladies...
Made a few tools myself.....(ex engineer)
Regards steve

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