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16 Jan 2014
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Hello, could you please help me to verify if this store is real:

I would like to buy a saw which has the best price in UK, and something is suspicious to me. I am not in UK right now, cannot verify, I want to buy online.

Anyone can help? I would appreciate if anyone can call or something. Thank you very much.
Looks to be a small legitimate business running out of London.

I personally can't see anything fishy, there's plenty of reviews of the company and their social media accounts seem to have been active for a few years now.
According to the e-commerce regulations, any online trader must give their postal address on their website. (According to eg this guide ... the-rules/).

I can't see an address, in their Contact Us or About Us sections.
You could phone them on their non-geographic number and ask why, and where they are.
AndyT":39ef0u3w said:
I can't see an address, in their Contact Us or About Us sections.

I didn't at first but if you google the company it comes up with "399 Hendon Way, London NW4 3LH" I agree it should be listed somewhere on the site even if it's just at the bottom of the page.
That address is on the terms and conditions page.

Also the negative review on Facebook looks pretty authentic regards a bit of a deliver fiasco. All real companies get it wrong at times, except Rutlands of course!

I’d be confident buying from these folks.