Help please with the Trend M & T Jig (Philly ?)

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27 Jul 2003
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Nottingham, England
Hi all

I have just cut two M & T's with the Trend jig and I just can't get a really snug fit.

I have a gap of 0.6mm on both. Is this all down to not being careful enough when marking out the centre line?

It's the only thing I can think of. I would really appreciate any help.

Hi Neil

I've never used this jig although I saw a demonstration at a ww show in which the operator had precisely the same problem as you. He blamed it on the two pieces of timber not being perfectly square in all three planes. Perhaps the answer is something to do with that?


Hi Gill

Thank you, I think you've hit the nail on the head.

I was using some 3 x 2 cls for my testing, so that could explain it.

I'll just have to work harder on completing the workshop so that I have the space for a p/t. :wink: :wink:

Sorry to take so long to post.
When you say you can't get a snug fit do you mean the faces of the two pieces don't align or that the tenon is too small?
Hi Philly

Thanks for getting back to me.

Firstly, the tenon is too small, but also it isn't centred perfectly. As long as I put the joint together one particular way the external faces are aligned.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

when using the jig mark all pieces with for edge and face. When you rout them always put the mark out ( or in, it does'nt matter which as long as all pieces are run thru the same.) That way, it doesn't matter if the tenon or mortise is perfectly centered. That should sort out some of your problem.
Properly prepared timber is also mucho important. If the pieces are warped or out of true at all it makes things difficult. Get yourself a P/t asap, or spend some time trueing up with a hand plane.
Finally, if your tenons are still too small, what router cutters are you using. I've been using standard metric straight cutters and the joints i've been getting have been fine. Trend recommend that we use their Imperial straight cutter set, as that is what the jig has been set up for.
Hope this is of some help, keep us informed of your progress,
Hi Gill and Philly

Thank you both for your kind help.

I am pleased to say that I am now up and running. As suspected, it was down to a combination of the timber not being square, not enough attention to detail when marking the centre line and also the need to take great care when locking the jig.

The final part was the real killer. The top of the jig moves backwards and forwards on the base of the two threads, it also moves sideways. For it to work successfully I have taken to ensuring that the back of the jig is square to the timber. (I haven't explained this very well, but I hope you understand what I mean.)

It could be improved by having the forward and backward movement controlled by a rack and pinion. Obviously, this would add in a greater element of cost.

I am very pleased with the jig and think it is good value for money. I bought it, on offer, at less than 120GBP. I also bought the Trend long reach cutter set and some metal guide bushes.

All I need now is a bit more time to practice. :wink:

Thanks again, both.



PS Gill, did you ever use that timber merchant just off the M42?
Hi Neil

Glad you got the jig sorted out.

did you ever use that timber merchant just off the M42?

Not yet. However, HWMBO has just been laid off for Christmas (God bless MG Rover and all who sink with her) so we may get the opportunity next week. I'll let you know if anything constructive comes of his long holidays but in the meantime there's a spare bedroom to decorate, a jungle to turn into a back garden, me to take Christmas shopping... :)



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