Hegner Multicut 2 (1992) Quick Release upgrades


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Mr Christopher

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26 Oct 2021
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North Suffolk
I have spent several days searching where I could purchase the highly recommended Quick Release Tension Rod which goes at the rear of my Hegner and the Quick Release Blade Clamp. Hegner UK's web site stated they were out of stock. Suffice to say I surfed the world and then decided to ring Hegner UK. Spoke to a really, really helpful chap in Technical who said they had plenty of the parts I required in stock and not to take too much notice of the web site. So, If you are looking to upgrade like me ring 01743 812200. This is the number for WF-Education who have the Hegner UK franchise. The part number for the quick release tensioning rod is: HM2012QR and HM0450 for the quick blade clamp. As we all know they are not cheap and with vat and postage they relieved me of £78.55 but hey I needed them and to me it is money well spent having paid just £200 for my immaculate Multicut-2S (1992)
Not at all up to date with UK prices Mr. Christopher, but I'm pretty sure that 200 quid for a good Multicut 2 must be the steal of the century I'd have thought. But nigh on 80 quid for what I believe is little more than a threaded rod (I'm not a Hegner owner BTW) smacks of the outrageous IMO.

Anyway, glad you're sorted.
Good show Mr Christopher, glad you are sorted. I agree with AES on both counts.
Firstly that the price you paid for a brilliant machine that will last a lifetime and will be a joy to use and secondly the prices charged by Hegner for spare parts are totally out of proportion for the parts themselves.
What they need is some competition for the parts but sadly there is not enough demand to make alternatives viable. In the domestic appliance trade (my business) If a manufacturer charged a high price for a part pretty soon a pattern parts maker would offer their version at a fraction of the cost, but of course there were millions of washing machines needing parts but there are not many Scroll saws so Hegner can charge what they like for spares.

However having said the above the thing is that you have now got yourself a superb quality scrollsaw at knockdown price even inc the parts you bought. I can tell you that you will never regret buying that machine they are an absolute joy to use. Many consider them to be the 'Rolls Royce' of fretsaws.

The arrival of the Hegner scroll saw in 1975 was largely responsible for the resurgence of the fretwork/scroll-sawing Hobby. The Hegner saw was patented in Germany by Helmut Abel in 1974 and is considered to be one of the finest quality saws that one can buy.

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