Hardwood suppliers in Devon


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Having just moved to the area, can anyone recommend a good supplier of hardwoods (Oak, Ash, Mahogany as a minimum) in the Plymouth/Tavistock area.

.... or failing that.... a website that lists hardwood suppliers?
Arnold Laver have no locations in South West. They are mainly "Up North" with a couple of branches in the Midlands & one in Reading.

I haven't dealt with them, what are your experiences?
Not too bad.

The prices are good (on most things) especially if you have a trade account with them. Ive had one or two bad moments, but they normally sort things out sharpish when you give em an ear bashing. They sent me ne lot of dodgey stuff, but no more after that, and on my last order they sent me 174m of carcassing, instead of the 200m that I asked for (mix up between 3.6 and 4.2m lengths). Other than that things have been fine. If you use them regularly, and get to know them, they look after you.


You could try www.robbons.co.uk who are based in Bristol. They advertise as marine timber suppliers, and list the hardwoods you mentioned in sizes up to 4" x 12". I haven't yet bought from them but plan to. I'm sure they would deliver to Plymouth, they will to me in Dartmouth.