Google/youtube tips, Can't find an option to search older videos first.

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Iroko loco!
18 Nov 2012
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Hello folks, just wondering if some might be able to tell me how I can find an older video,
or indeed a categorical list of oldest videos first on YT,
This would be very handy to know, instead of going through the newest or most popular videos due to the system (tinfoil hat emoji) seemingly discouraging that, if favour to the relentless algorithm.

I've not done the google video search by calendar yet, but it does seem a lot of faff,
especially if you don't know the name of what you're searching for.

Trying to find an old parkside arc welder video which might not still be there, as it was tested to destruction
with bits removed to do such a thing, and thus was a bit dodge.
I can't remember much else about it, and it ain't coming up in the first few pages.

Cheers from a grumpy pants today.
So this is possible using Boolean search terms. This will look for what you want using a precise language. The easiest way to do this and the most simple is make sure YouTube only returns results for what you search for. Let me try and explain it with an example.

If you search for
arc welder parkside
You will get hundreds of results with one or more of those words, if you change the results to only return results with all those words you need to put the words in brackets. The search then becomes
(Arc welder parkside)
This I have just tried will only show the posts that have all those words in it and all of those happen to be older videos.

There are many other Boolean terms you can use. Please try that and see if it works, if not I will write a more complex one for you to see if we can find what you want
Thanks folks
Seems one could use both Sachakins suggestion and also the Boolean terms at the same time.
Presumably this only works with google, and not in the youtube search bar.
I tried searching just now in YT for Parkside arc welder NOT mig, which didn't seemingly work
but I'm not sure if I've got that right.

I've since been finding some troubleshooting videos which helped
Screenshot-2024-2-7 ARC stick welders fault finding and testing, cable, switch, transformer, t...png

and eventually got my Aldi multimeter to work, (these eat batteries just like the calipers)
so I was able to test the thermal switches, and found the failure.

This other screenshot video was handy to double check that one of these thermal switches wasn't
NO, as the ones for higher temps are seemingly NC.
I was hoping the heat gun might actually wake the switch up again,
but then again, I didn't make a nozzle for it, so perhaps I didn't heat it up enough.
I should have had the thermometer gun at hand really.


The switch in question being the one underneath,
which I found out was for the secondary winding, thanks to another video from "The post apocalyptic inventor" who has a comical super esoteric video, which might as well be rocket science, though the start explained things enough for me to just about understand that.


This higher temp 128c switch for the secondary winding has failed,
so I'll have a proper look tomorrow if I can't get one local.

Though I'm thinking if I should also seek to get these 120c
or if infact the best I might be able find is something in-between to do both?

Not being sure what the R on the main winding switch denotes,
seemingly exact same spec, (bar temp rating) on both.

Perhaps I should'a started a new thread,
as it might be interesting to know if it's totally necessary.

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