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Glueing greenheart


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18 Oct 2004
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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of glueing greenheart into panels?

I have some 3 inch thick x 12 inch boards about 5 foot long. A couple of them, butted together on top of a softwood frame, have been serving as a solid (the stuff must be about as heavy as cast iron!) and reliable metal-bashing bench for the last few years. I've pretty much given up chucking cash at old cars these days and thought the greenheart (cleaned up of course!) might do as a top for the pukka woodworking bench I have planned.

I read in a book on wood that greenheart doesn't glue well so wondered if anyone has anyone has any advice for edge-jointing that might last as a bench top ..... or should I just plan on using another timber? It would be a shame to lose out on the sheer mass the greenheart could provide.

I'll probably do a test joint or two but that doesn't solve the longevity question really.

The other (no doubt bigger) problem is that I want a WW bench that's longer than the longest boards. So end-to-end joints .....

I've considered the bolt/dog-bone options but would prefer to keep the metalwork in the top to a minimum if I can, particularly on the long edge joints.

Any ideas on glues, jointing would be appreciated