Fuji 6 Foot Flexible Whip Hose


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21 Sep 2013
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West Mids
I've got one of these but it had a split in the hose at one end. I cut off the broken end and assumed I would be able to push the plastic end back into the hose.


I don't know why or how but it appears the ends of the hose are slightly narrower, so the plastic connector is far too loose. Has anyone else had this problem/figured out how to fix it?
You could try to heat it up, insert the fitting into it and bind the outside with string (like whipping the end of a rope). As it cools, it may stay in place.

Make two U-shaped swages out of timber (with a groove to suit the blue helix on the pipe), heat up the pipe, insert the fitting and clamp the assembly between the swages. A suitable adhesive (maybe impact adhesive) on the inside of the pipe would give extra security.
The whip hose is the weak link in my opinion, I've got one of the Fuji systems and I keep meaning to try and find a better replacement for the whip hose.

He has already removed the hose from the factory connector so an inline joiner might not help him at this stage.

There has to be a compromise between flexibility and longevity of the hose. You could use a bit of copper pipe; it will last a long time but not be very ergonomic.

His one is broken near the end. I wonder if the increased stiffness from having the nearby fitting inside the hose has contributed to that. Perhaps some spiral wrap or mesh sleeving for the first eight inches from the connector could help (think how on power tools, there is a strain relief sleeve poking out of the handle).