Frog and adjuster knob needed for Year 2000 Clifton no.5 Plane

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An update in the spirit of sharing information.

I’m still dialling the Juuma/Quangsheng pattern frog in, but the news so far is very good.

It turns out that it uses the same spacing for the dowel pins as the Clifton and unlike the original is a perfect fit (side to side) in the 2in wide sloped bed/land in the plane sole. The dowel slots need a tiny touch with a file to remove a burr on one side.

The thickness of its base (the distance between the surface the dowel heads rest on and its bottom surface) is 0.8mm less than that on the Clifton frog. (in these examples anyway) The pointed lock down screws still just about worked, but I last night soldered 0.8mm thick washers under the heads of the Clifton dowels (which are stainless steel - see pic/needs the right flux and technique) to restore the original fit.

The frog is a few mm shorter at the rear (a little less bronze) which alters the position of the tab which engages the mouth adjusting screw, but there seems to be enough range in the Clifton screw to compensate.

The iron/blade adjustment range will hopefully work out to be correct. That is the positioning of the iron/blade assembly at the limits of its travel in both directions – I’d like when occasionally needed to be able to close the mouth down to about 0.8mm with the chip breaker set very close to the edge of the iron.

The Clifton cryogenic iron supplied last year turned out to have a lengthwise bow (not enough that it couldn't be used but....) so I'll probably stay with the original forged Clifton iron which has been good.

The Juuma frog is well made - accurate and nicely machined. The one downside is that it uses a cheaper one piece pressed sheet metal side to side adjustment lever - whereas the Quangsheng seems to use same the fancier version with a bearingas Wood River. (but its frog is cheaper cast iron)

I may yet make up and fit a new lever.

Will post a pic when its all finished...


  • clifton dowels with soldered spacing washers to suit juuma frog 11-11-22.jpg
    clifton dowels with soldered spacing washers to suit juuma frog 11-11-22.jpg
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