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Thanks for all the replies

Needs to be a flap/brush sander due to the edge profile of the items
The items range in size from wooden labels similar size to a credit card to large chopping boards with thicknesses from 5mm through to 50mm
once the items have been profile cut on a cnc router the edges are then eased / rounded on a router table using a bearing guided bit.
I am looking for a way to clean the 2 radius edges and the flat area in between in one hit the edges are already fairly smooth and usually clean up with some 220G by hand or with an orbital sander
I need to speed up the process as some of the batches we produce are large 1500 labels 500 coasters etc.
I have found a machine in the uk Multi 140 - Sander and Denibber but its way out of my budget
These machines seem plentiful across the pond I am waiting to hear back from Model DB-612-DLX Pneumatic Drum / Brush Head Sander as this is exactly what I want
I will keep trying

Have you considered Scotchbrite wheels?

The item you seek is also known as a 'denibbing brush':

The site above has links to a few suppliers, a few of which are UK-based. From there, these appeared:

If you look a little closer at Unosand's site, they sell the drums and inserts without the machine.

It is a niche market, aimed at professionals so it is not something you will buy at B&Q.

Thanks for the info much appreciated

I have just emailed Quickwood for more details,
I am aware Unosand do just the drums and inserts, I love the Unosand machine but it £3.5k with vat
I am aware its a professional market and not something I can get from B&Q, I run a professional CNC shop.
I have found a machine in Canada just looking at import charges.
I am looking to invest in a toll to cut down sanding time as often we produce 500 or 1000 off of a particular item.

I will keep searching and try to get a machine for a sensible price

Have you tried these? They are essentially a brush but with abrasive coated bristles. I have used them a few times for profiles, quite pricey but very good. Available in Amazon etc


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Not sure why my previous post was removed. It's fairly easy to make a flap sander.

Tip 032 - Sanding Flapwheel (home made).jpg
I've done similar with sanding drum vertical in pillar drill. It gives you the table to work off and tilt if needed, plus jigs attached for repeat ops.
Nice set up Aditat I assume that's a length of 25mm all thread are the loadings the same on both drums?
So I had a job to make 600 ash comemorvative axe handles. And got this setup to help smooth the shapes and remove tooling marks. I ummed and arred for a while but decided this was the most cost effective solution that didn't take up much space.

I made the mistake of thinking m25 would be nice and straight, it wasn't! 😑😑🤣🤣, and my mate turned me a nut down to fit in the four jour and welded one up to sit on the live centre, he had a go at straightening the rod he got it usuable and it only spins at 600 rpm so it's not a problem.

The loadings (sanding fingers and brushes) was another issue as they where so expensive and I was worried I was going to get the wrong grits and would chew through them in minutes. I went with 140mm wide 120 and 240 I think and would get an axe handle perfect in about 25 seconds. Unosand said they last ages and they where right. After 600 handles they look like new and still cut perfectly.

I didn't have time to set up dust extraction so wore an air fed mask and several hoodies as it blasts cold air at your face endlessly. Not sure if your meant to use gloves with this thing as the brushes are so soft, after the first 50 I noticed my fingers getting very sore from being sanded so put a pair of gloves on and every 50 would have to stop to tape up the holes.

I also ordered 40 loadings of just brushes in the hope that I could buff the handles after oiling them. Rather than brush-fine finger-brush-wide finger standard setup. But wasn't getting results fast enough I think they where just to soft and fine.

its great setup for that sort of job

have seen some old guy on U tube that turns a lot of Burls n bark inclused wood items.......
he uses a flap wheel with brushes and abrasive on a 1/2 -1" wide jobby......
is it available in the UK.....cant remeber the name of it.....
have seen some old guy on U tube that turns a lot of Burls n bark inclused wood items.......
he uses a flap wheel with brushes and abrasive on a 1/2 -1" wide jobby......
is it available in the UK.....cant remeber the name of it.....
The thing you're talking about is a SANDOFLEX (and the turner is Phil Anderson _ Shady Acres Woodturning).

Check out this link for a supplier: Amazon.com : Merit 8834111051 350-RP Sand-O-Flex Abrasive Wheel, Round Shank, Aluminum Oxide, 6-1/2" Diameter x 1" Width, Grit 80 (Pack of 1)

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