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20 Aug 2019
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I'm in a quandry - do I finish a sign for the neighbour's house in an oil based finish or do I varnish it? Kiln-dried hardwood.

All suggestions gratefully received. TY.
Any oil or varnish finish used outdoors is going to need to be re-done every few years to keep it looking good.

An alternative for things like name signs is to use a naturally durable wood and allow it to age gracefully.

This old thread shows what I mean.

There is a thread somewhere (sorry can’t find it) where someone coated several bits of the same material and left them outside for a few years. I think Sikkens was the winner.

My neighbour, who knows everything, kindly told me I should have used Sikkens for my external Oak doors just after I had finished putting Osmo UV on. The Osmo lasted 3 years before I redid it and I should really have done them after 2.
Chris152":1xnp7l6u said:
Yacht varnish should be good?

Yes, but only if it's renewed every two or three years. Rounding over all the edges will help a lot, varnish and other finishes often fail on a square edge.

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