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Does anyone have any idea where I could find a workshop to use close to my home (Horsham)?

I have tried all the local rags etc, but no use. Looking for something about 500 sq ft, just for a hobby so industrial units are too expensive.

Also, if there is anyone out there interested in sharing workshop space, let me know [email protected]



I currently rent workshop space in essex which is obviously to far for you.
However most farms around here rent out barn space or other such out buildings. Their usually quite cheap, compared to commerical rents though are rough and ready cash in hand affairs.
Because they are cheap there tends to be a waiting list for these places.

I just drove about one day calling into local farms and enquiring until I got lucky. Found a place where the current occupant had done a moonlight with out paying his last months rent. Landlord can be a real cantakerous old sod and has a habit of putting the rent up when he feels like it

Because of this Ive had enough with renting an am now currently in process of looking for a new house with a double garage or a garden big enough to build a 15x15 or so workshop.

The biggest downside to giving up my rented shop is the fact that I shant be able to have the bonfires I have now, but at 200 quid a month I could live with out that pleasure :D

Good luck


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