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Sold Festool Precisio CS 50 Table Saw


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29 Dec 2014
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Woking, Surrey
Festool Precisio CS 50 EB Table Saw 240V (Model 493752)

Comes with:

• Sliding table ST
• Extension table VB for CS50 (side)
• Stopper LA-CS 50 Fence
• Saw blade holder
• Universal saw blade
• Rip saw blade
• Dust extraction hoses
• Benchdogs Angle Stop Adapter Plate for using different fences such as Benchdogs or Incra on the Angle Stop

Basically it’s the “set” version but without the rear extension table as I use an MFT for that.

I bought this in October 2017 and it has had light DIY use only since that time, including 2 years in storage. In very good condition, but a couple of points to note:
  • I have always had to shim the extension table at the back to make it square to the main saw table. It’s minor but only ever a potential issue if you use the rip fence for wider pieces but with the sliding table being so good I rarely need to do this.
  • The extension table has a very small dent in the top (see pictures) but this does not affect use at all.
  • I don’t have the two rubber end stops for the sliding table which stop it sliding off the track, although I have never had this issue.
I am selling because I now have a larger more permanent place to work from so I upgrading to a cast iron table saw.

Collection preferred from Malvern, Worcestershire, but happy to discuss alternative options.

Looking for £850 ono.

Also pictured is the table saw on a birch plywood mobile stand which can be included if needed.


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