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Sold Festool Domino DF 500


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18 Apr 2011
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North Wales
Have a clear out due to ill health, and the fact I'm skint🤣

For sale is my Domino, I think it was bought in about 2009. It's in a sys 1. Comes complete with box of Dominos, pack of bits (5mm has never been used) and a brand new Cross stop. I'm based in North Wales (LL16) and I'm after ÂŁ400+ postage although I will accept sensible offers.

I am happy to ship within the UK (at buyer's expense) although you can pick it up for nowt if you'd rather. Some pictures:

Any questions, please post below or PM me.
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OK folks, desperation (and imminent bank statement) is starting to sink in. Price dropped to ÂŁ400 + postage.
This is a real bargain for someone .. I already have one, else I would have bought it

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