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phil p

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29 Feb 2008
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Just took the plunge on ordering this nail gun from Aldi, thought for £85.00 delivered it was worth a punt as I couldn't justify £300 plus for the big branded types.

Had my eye on it for a while, and a few more in the same ilk (Von Haus, Draper etc) and to be honest thought they had stopped making it as it's been out of stock for ages.

There are a few reviews out there, and seems quite favourable for the price, but time will tell, and it's just for occasional use so it should do me fine.

Does anyone out there have this as I would interested in any opinions you may have.

I would lay money that the Ferrex is the VonHaus in a different colour and badge - I have a VH and it's brilliant .... using both brads and staples (I have used load of staples making fence with tile batten for one area and feather-edge for another - staples don't pull through as brads might) Buy brads and staples on ebay - cheap as chips.
The only slight issue is that it's quite heavy for repetitive work - and I don't get on with the "tap and fire" option - I use the "press the tip in position and pull the trigger" method.
I have the workzone version which is undoubtedly the same thing and overall it is really good for the money.

As mentioned it is heavy and the nail depth setting can be a bit finicky and can slip after a number of actuations. I've also had a couple of blockages of late which requires the removal of 5 slightly awkward screws to clear but it's not a big deal.

I really like mine and would buy another if I lost it or it broke (outside the long 3 year warranty).
Thanks for the feedback chaps, you sound quite favourable so I'm looking forward to receiving it.

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