Cheap (ish ) cordless nail gun

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25 Feb 2021
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High wycombe
Its back in stock if anyone is interested. Always handy to have around I say. I have a Makita 18G nailer but that is the air nailer so for those jobs when you can't be bothered to get it plumbed in or it is out of reach , then this is useful.
I know there are other ones similar priced like the Von Haus model etc
last time it was out it seemed to go down fairly well. If you look at the VH model you can see it is just a rebadged one
Also reviews of it last time round the same VH model

There are two Von Haus nail guns - the one in your picture is not the same as the Aldi model - this is Von Haus model that is the same Cordless Nail Gun and Staple Gun - priced at £179. The cheaper VH model is not much more powerful than office stapler - and takes much smaller nails/staples. On the face of it the Aldi is a bargain - I have a VH (the big one) and it's been brilliant firing in thousands of staples and nail for, mainly, fencing projects. ebay is your friend for supplies of staples and nails
I have the Ferrex, purchased a few years back and must admit I haven’t used it that much to be honest, however I don’t regret getting it as it works really well.

Worth the money for sure as I couldn’t justify the outlay for a good branded one.

I hope to use it plenty this summer as I have a few projects in the garden coming up.
I bought the Lidl Parkside *corded* nailer/stapler last year and thought it was great at the time. After a short while of using it it'd developed a fault: the front plate holding screws kept coming loose and eventually stripped the threads. I ended up returning it for a refund. The main good thing about Lidl Parkside tools the 3 year warranty -just keep your receipt handy.

I ended up getting the VonHaus one mentioned by @robgul . It's a different tool altogether.