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23 Jan 2017
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I have an Elu mof96 router, does anyone know where i can get spares. I seem to remember travelling down Somerset way to get some spares a few years back but cannot remember where abouts.
I am looking for the fine adjuster stop.

I think there's someplace called Powertool centre or powertool world as well.
You will not find too many genuine Elu parts left on the shelf these days but yes, there are quite a lot of later DeWalt parts that are compatible.
Don't toss an Elu in the bin until it's dead beyond all repair.
I once broke a MOF96E armature while trying to replace a stuck bearing (grrr) and though I did find a dewalt spare as a substitute, it was clearly inferior.
Thanks for the links and help, i found what i wanted, Trend do a compatible one.
Just for the record there is a nice chap called Peter Weiss in Riedering in Bayern who sells parts for some elderly Elu machines. Some parts are rebuilt some newly made and some new old stock. Himself he is a walking database on anything concerning Elu machines and how to repair them. He seems to speak only German though and uses only phone and snail mail so no e-mails.

You could maybe have rewound the armature. I recently succeeded in rewinding the armature and adapting a new commutator for the router motor for my Haffner hinge and lock mortiser. The rewind was quite an undertaking and it took me two and a half attempts during 2 years time to get it right but it is certainly not impossible for an amateur.
Sadly a rewind wasn't the issue. I snapped the spindle at the skinny end...
Despite having done such a bearing replacement on my first mof96 two or three times before getting this one.