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29 Apr 2003
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Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
I needed a cheap drill press recently so at the weekend picked up one of the perform ones from Axminster. All was going well with putting it together until I came to the chuck. This fits a tapered spindle and is supposed to be tapped onto the spindle with a hammer and a block of wood. For the life of me though I cannot see how the chuck and spindle stay together. The spindle appears to be smooth, and the chuck has a smooth bore. There appears to be no spring clip or ridge or anything else to hold the two together.

Am I being paranoid, is this the way chucks usually fit to spindles, or should there be some mechanism to prevent gravity exerting its influence and separating the two :?

The chuck has stayed on the spindle while I tested the drill, but I havent used it in anger yet just in case the drill bit catches in the workpiece and the spindle rotates while the chuck flies free :shock:


You will be relieved to know it is standard.

The taper on the chuck end (probably a JT6) is different from the taper on the other end (a Morse taper in all likelihood) both will stay put in the right places.

Your problem is the reverse - separating them if need be!
Don't worry Steve!
I remember this caught me by surprise too, the first time I realised how they stayed together.
Like Chris says, the taper arrangement of the two mating pieces keeps it all snug.
make sure they are clean and dry when you put them together as any particulates will prevent the tapers mating up and the chuck will drop out of the drill, usually at speed when you are using it :shock: any moisture apart from a slight oiling will result in a thin film of corrosion to form, then the fun will start when you want to take them apart, its bad enough when they are not corroded :wink:

Thanks Bean, dont worry, all parts were thoroughly cleaned as per instructions! Not sure I ever will want to take it apart to be honest as its only a cheap press. I did ask before I bought it whether a keyless chuck was possible but Axminster do not do one to fit. Thus I purchased it as a cheap drill press that will last until I want/need something better. I have bolted it to a surface to make it more stable, but it still makes a noise when running :shock: Drill bit remains central however so I think its simply the plastic guard round the chuck vibrating in its housing. :roll: Seems you really do get what you pay for, although as its all I could afford this time round I am not too unhappy, just wont be trusting it with a 50mm forstner bit :twisted:
mudman":2q7cwep5 said:
I removed mine eventually after cutting myself on the thing once too often. :evil:

I took mine off after cutting my head on it, after reaching something on the floor, and standing up. (yes I know, mostly due to the tiny workshop) but nontheless, it made a neat cut in my scalp. And it was removed for good after that.

Back of the hand here. You know if somebody did a survey about drill press accidents I think they would find that most of them are caused by the guards!
I still use mine. :oops: No cuts or abrasions to show for it either. Maybe hurting yourself on the guarding put there to protect you is a bloke thing...? :wink:

Cheers, Alf

To the Bunkermobile!
A chap I knew had one of those 'all-in-one' combined drills (you know, drill and countersunk together) and it broke on him while in use. He was glad of the guard then. Just a thought.
A chap I knew had one of those 'all-in-one' combined drills (you know, drill and countersunk together) and it broke on him while in use. He was glad of the guard then. Just a thought.
i think you blokes need some safety gear ,1 hard hat with full face guard steel mesh gloves :shock: :shock:

alf you being female, you are genteel and not prone to itting it wif an ammer like us blokes :roll: :roll: :roll:
Well guards especially drill guards are a pain in the .... well you know.
But for those of you with long hair they are an absolute essential. I must admit that I do not use one they get in the way more often than than not. But with Bench drill it is vital that they are screwed/bolted down, they are top heavy and as you also pull from the top they can become seriously unstable in use.
But on the bright side they are extremly useful.

StevieB you should be able to fit any chuck on to the drill spindle, its just a matter of matching the tapers, my drill press is at least 40 years old if not older, and I fitted a rhom keyless chuck to it 2 years ago, excellent piece of kit.

But for those of you with long hair they are an absolute essential.

at the risk of sounding blonde... can I ask... why...???

I've had this thrown at me more times than I care to mention (re hair length) and I've yet to find an explanation for the presumption that I'd need to get that intimate with a piece of rotating machinery....

is there some corrolation I'm missing between hair length and stupidity..??

As for the guards.. I've never seen one that survives more than a couple of weeks without someone managing to break it...

N.B... I'm not trying to rant.. just curious about the presumption...

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