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Dremel copy £8.33


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25 Jun 2022
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Preston, Lancs
Just had this delivered today. Far better than you have the right to expect for the money, in substance as good as any of the others I've seen. Nice blow moulded case. Accessories a bit sparse (e.g. no flexi drive) but the only big ommission is alternative size collets.

If you've never heard of Duratool it's simply CPC/Farnell's own brand. Have a few things from there before and while clearly they're badged stuff they've always been honest, usable if basic tools.

They have a few other goodies on offer, basic jigsaw and hammer drill for under £15 each. Perhaps more interestingly for readers here 900W and 1500W SDS drills for £29 and £33 respectively.



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A good thing about CPC and Zoro is that the free P&P limit is low and there's always something else you can find to make the order up.

I bought a Duratool angler grinder to live permanently in a small chop stand - it works fine, but the switch is inaccessible so is not very safe. (I've bought a third since then (as you do) so No.2 and No.3 will get swapped over).:LOL:

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