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Start creating strong and accurate joints with the latest dowelling jigs and accessories from Milescraft.

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Milescraft DowelJigKit (Metric)

The complete doweling kit contains everything you need to create strong and accurate joints. Featuring the JointMate™, this self-centring jig with an adjustable fence allows for precision, accuracy, and maximum joint strength. Perform one-handed alignment and skip the hassle of measuring and marking out while creating perfect dowel joints.

The complete dowel jig kit for doweling corner, edge, and surface joints


Milescraft DowelJigKit (Metric)​

With this comprehensive kit you can make precise, doweled joints - quickly and easily. Perfect for those jobs where strong joints with invisible fixings are needed.​


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Milescraft JointMate (Metric)​

Perform one-handed alignment and skip the hassle of measuring and marking when drilling corner or edge joints with JointMate.​


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Milescraft DowelBucket (400 Pack)​

Fluted dowels create quick, strong, secure joints ideal for furniture construction, repairs, shelving, cabinetry, and other projects.​


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Milescraft JointMaster (Metric)​

A compact and versatile doweling jig that allows woodworkers to create any dowel joint quickly and accurately. It has two retractable edge stops to quickly line up boards.​


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Milescraft JointPro (Metric)​

Quickly and accurately create strong dowelled joints. The JointPRO™ includes two detachable clamps allowing for horizontal or vertical positioning.​