Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

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26 Apr 2009
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West Yorkshire
Somehow the locking mechanism on the rip fence of my Dewalt tablesaw has decided not to work properly!
The clasp at the rear end of the fence locks more tightly than usual, hence the fence doesn't glide smoothly
undoing the clasp gets it working again?!
There is also 3mm of sideways movement when the fence is locked?
It's 2 yrs since I last used it, well before the pandemic!
Can't get in touch with Default, tried lots of times!
Amazon sell a replacement fence for £170, but the fence itself may not be the problem.
Any help would appreciated.

I would remove the fence and investigate. A good chance it was removed before and not re-installed correctly. Look for the simple things that may have been missed first. It may help to post the model of your saw to get a better response.
I am from USA... and I do not understand what this means?

Failed attempt at ironic humour. I was implying your saw is a heap of junk best consigned to the nearest landfill site with some haste (do you have or use the term landfill in USA?). It is such a heap of junk I was prepared to see to the immediate disposal of it on your behalf, mainly because this is undoubtedly the best tablesaw I have ever owned and seriously regret ever letting it go.
Problem sorted!
On closer inspection I noticed part of the black plastic insert at the end of the fence had become slightly dislodged.
only by about 2mm, but was enough to prevent proper engagement when clamping! Two hex bolts hold the insert in place, slightly undoing
them enabled me to move it into its rightful position.
Once the insert was re-seated correctly all was well...needless to say the buyer went away happy!

Thanks for all replies.