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Dewalt 7.2v Driver (Quick Review)


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25 Jan 2003
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Guildford UK
I bought this driver for two reasons

(1) My old Bosch (green 9.2v), which has served me well, has started to make strange noises, suggesting it's on its way out (any excuse eh :twisted: )

(2) My brother has two of these which I got to use whilst fitting a kitchen with him - I was impressed

What you get:
- Driver
- Charger (1hr charge)
- Case
- Two bits (phillips and flat head)

Price: About £85 (e.g. http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro ... 1&ts=64043)

- It's very small - very useful for those hard to reach places - especially when fitting kitchen cabinets!
- Quick release chuck
- Solid feel (despite being smaller, it's much heavier than the Bosch it's replacing)

- Doesn't stand upright when set in the pistol position, due to the weight of the head (meaning you can only stand it upright when in the "in-line" position - see below)
- No spare battery

I don't really use this for drilling so I can't really comment on that, although it does have a drill setting on the chuck. But despite it being only 7.2v is does pack more punch that I'd expected - but the real bonus is its small size (which was my main reason for buying). During this recent kitchen fit with my Brother we were constantly having to screw in behind cabinets, and these drivers were just the job. By comparison the Bosch's that I currently use were simply too big most of the time.