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3 May 2020
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Duras, SW France
I live in SW France and am renovating a 250yo farm house so my power shop is really essential. It's worked fine until Sunday when it stopped. I have dismantled the electrics and found the cables all burned. I can rewire most but my main concern are the three wires that disappear into the motor. Can these be replaced if I dismantle the motor? Any ideas how long this might take?

The photo shows the extent of the damage. Should I replace this capacitor and where might I find one?

Thanks in advance for your help. I realy need to get this up and running asapso any useful information will be gratefully received.



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The wires appear to have shorted against the casing at first glance. Why this didn’t pop the fuse or breaker might be something to look into.

As far as I can see:

Greeny-black wire - run winding
Whitish (broken) wire - start winding
Red - neutral.

I would label these before you start anything.

Do you have a multimeter of any sort? You should get one, especially if you’re doing up a house and using lots of power tools. Essential kit. Get a decent entry-level Fluke that can do capacitance and you can check the capacitor yourself. If not, a basic meter on resistance setting will show a brief resistance which rises to infinite (OL), then does the same thing if you reverse the probes.

If you strip the motor down, you should be able to access the winding connections to those burnt wires. You’ll need to solder fresh ones in place, preferably with heat-shrink tubing over the top. Do one at a time, and refer to your photo and labels. While you’re at it, you can replace those ugly terminal clamp connectors with straight butt crimp connectors. Blue should work.

When finished, check the wires don’t foul the rotor. Also check for continuity to frame (should be none). Feel free to post progress on here if unsure.
I have done pretty much all you suggested, shrink plastic over the three stator wires. Kept the capacitor because the blackening was only superficial. Rewired it and it wogked perfectly.

However, having turned the yoke to the rip position to carry out thos work it will now not return to the crosscut position, jammed solid. I have tried to dismantle it but cannot figure out from just the drawing in the manual exactly how it comes apart. I thought it would be easier to take the yoke offthe are to get access for dismantling but now the runners will not go back into the arm. So fixed on problem and now have two more.

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