Cursive letter router templates?

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26 Oct 2019
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Lexington, KY
Is it possible to use router templates to do cursive, or cursive-ish writing in wood? I've seen templates that produce sort of block style letters but I can't wrap my head around how cursive templates would work or what they would look like, but I'm not the best visualizer either.

Where might you find such a template set?
Where might you find such a template set?

If you had to rout a specific word in cursive writing:

Wrapped up on the filament spool of a 3D printer.
Inside the G-code of a CNC router or laser cutter.
Thick piece of card emerging from a Cricut.

For general use, it would appear difficult. Write a few things in your best joined up writing and focus on the letter 'e'. The way it connects to the preceeding or succeeding letter or punctuation character is dependent on what those items are.
I think that @Ed Weber has it covered here.

I seem to remember, that Trend used to sell a set of templates for routing decorative flourishes. If I'm remembering correctly, the heart of this system involved a pointed router cutter surrounded by a cone shaped bearing. This arrangement allowed the cutter assembly to move up and down depending on the width of the template. - gradually thickening or thinning the routed lines

It was quite a nifty system, especially if you could make your own templates. And, might well have been Ideal for routing some form of cursive script
Rockler link

Those are very clever. There is an online app. ( that generates the template arrangement (but only up to 25 letters so I will have to be content to name my cottage 'antidisestablishmentarian').

Did you see though, from the instructions, that 'Reception' needs five different template arrangements to produce the finished product? That's a lot of opportunities for error or misalignment.

Maybe someone can find a word that needs 7 or more passes.

Note that the set only includes a dollar currency symbol.