Creocote(aka creosote substitute)

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29 Sep 2018
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Let me first say, this has nothing to do with is it as good as the original, I actually don't want the original tar in solvents thingy.
At the moment I'm using screwfix decking oil to stain my external timbers, it's been great but my 5ltr tin is running out and the price of it now is £30. NO WAY! I would buy barretine wood preserver but most online retailers don't ship that stuff to NI.
I found this creocote in one of the bargain shops for a fiver. Dark brown colour. So my question is: what is it? Does it dry properly and doesn’t leave sticky mess?
I have used the light brown version of this on a number of external timber projects. Seems to work pretty well. It dries overnight and doesn't leave a sticky surface. It doesn't form a hard finish as far as I can tell. Smells pretty bad and appears to be diesel with some additives.
Thanks samhay.
I'll just buy it today and see how it goes. Need to finish shelves in the shed and will apply some of that creocote to give it darker colour. Really I just wanted to know if it dries well.
The screfix decking oil smells bad too, kinda a mix between white spirits and kerosene and also is not a hard finish either. It's just oil/solvent based stain.
Ah, that's different.
If you read the label, I'm pretty sure it instructs one not use on furniture/things that will be handled (check as my memory may be playing tricks). I assume it leaches something that is fairly toxic and is intended for use on decking, fences, etc. that you don't touch too often.