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Phil, this is so sad, such an awful thing to happen. Life seems so unfair at times. I am quite shocked and cannot imagine your feelings of loss. Best wishes to you and your family.
I'm sorry to hear this news. It's difficult for me to imagine the pain you and your family must be experiencing, but hope you have the strength and support to get through it. Slainte.
I logged in to see the latest good work, daily problems and happy banter. So shocked to read your news it’s a hard reality check for all of us and no words from us can describe how you must feel.
Stay strong and positive- you must have many happy memories to hold on to. A time when family is very important.
All the best
Jeez Phil, sorry to hear that 😕
Stay strong. People seem to think its not a problem any more, not nearly enough people wearing masks now and even people going to work with covid now!
Our thoughts are with you and your family
I am very sorry for your loss. My mother died of Covid and I couldn't get to see her and we still have not had a ceremony, but she was, as she liked to tell me "past her sell by date" at 96. Please take care.
At my worksite it’s the young ones that refuse to get vaccinated. And then when they get really sick they said it was pneumonia that put them in hospital not Covid. They are so stubborn. They will drink and smoke but somehow they believe the vaccine is not good for there health. I believe social media has a huge part in there decisions. They can find so much false of misleading info to validate there decisions. Unfortunately you can not influence there stand or decision much. They have to live there life. I feel so bad for you. People don’t realize that a simple jab can save you're life. Being young and strong is no defence from Covid. The first person in our community that got Covid never really was the same when initially recovered. 2 1/2 years of on going heath problems Covid related. He recently just died from two massive strokes.
Phil, Thoughts with you and yours. I just wanted to post to say I've been working to persuade and encourage those who are resistant throughout and have had success with some (Not always sadly).

I'd become a little despondent and feeling it maybe wasn't worthwhile recently, but I promise you I will go back to having those conversations, quietly and supportively with fresh urgency.
I know this will not help, but there seems to be a history of a weak constitution within your family by the looks of that post, please look after yourself and do everything you can to steer clear of any large gatherings and those you suspect of not being vaccinated, I am of the opinion they could be carriers.
What a shocking, ill informed, irresponsible post.
What a shocking, ill informed, irresponsible post.
Whilst I agree with your technical appraisal of the post (indeed, the vaccinated are more likely to be carriers based on the fact that the vaccine doesn’t stop you getting it, and there’s more people vaccinated than not), I get the feeling the post was well meaning and this thread is the last place where a debate of this nature should break out...

Phil, my thoughts go out to you. I lost my dad in December and it knocked me for six. I can only imagine how much worse it must be dealing with the loss of your son, particularly given the circumstances. It’s ok to not be ok, and please reach out for help to those around you when you realise you need it.
Jesus, utterly devastated for you and so much respect for sharing that sad news with us all. I completely understand that it must have been hard even sharing that news with complete strangers let alone what you must be going through as a family. I have two sons myself, one older than yours and one slightly younger and I was desperate for them to be jabbed and they saw sense in the end . My youngest daughter ( 17) has only had two jabs as the booster is not available for her age group which is madness as that age group is the most social , plus she works with nursery kids. And this morning find out she has tested positive so we are keeping an eye on her. Anyway less of my concerns, I do feel for you and your family and am sending my deepest condolences. Take care
Only just seen this thread Phil, my most heartfelt sympathy. A parent outliving their children is probably the hardest cross to bear. You are in my thoughts and I hope that all in the family can take a modicum of strength in knowing that. It is vital for us all to have vaccines where available. I can hardly conceive of people not even having had one as I am due to get my 5th on next week.

Take the time to grieve mate no matter how long it takes.
I obviously only 'know' you through this site, but I would nevertheless like to add my deepest condolences on your tragic loss.

As others have said we are all here to support you.

Best regards
Doug Nichols