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Corvette Veneer Door Inlays - A small project for someone?


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21 Apr 2012
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North London
Hi All,

New to the forum, and would be grateful for some advice.

I have an old 1972 Chevrolet Corvette which has some walnut veneer panels inlaid in the door trim (those typical 70's style ones where you could never really be sure if they are real wood or not!!). Long story short is that they need replacing.

The replacement veneer panels that I've ordered from America are not even close to matching the originals in finish or quality, so my grand plan was to make some replacements myself.

I've got as far as ordering a sheet of flexible american black walnut veneer, and found a local company who is willing to use the original panel as a template, do the CAD work and then laser cut the veneer sheet (I will probably also get them to cut some sort of thin backing material to give the veneer rigidity).

My concern is I'm going to pipper this up!!

The veneer once cut will need certainly need to be dyed and sanded to try and match the original colour and finish, and I know if I attempt this myself I wont be happy with the finish.

Ideally then, I would like to find someone who for a fair price can complete, or even start the project again if I have taken the wrong route.

The panels in question are about 25" long and just under 2.5" wide, and I'm happy to post some pictures if that helps.

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong section, but I would be grateful for any advice :)