Cooking Beef at 55 degrees.

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I've been longing for a Sous Vide. It's a very precise water bath that allows you to set temps to 1/10th of a degree. You can then cook steak perfectly. 56.5 is meant to be optimum. As the OP said you can't over cook it like that. However this is only for beef. Do not cook pork or chicken like this. It's safe to eat raw beef (Steak Tartare) but pork or chicken won't do you any favours so don't start cooking everything at 55 degrees!

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We sous vide a lot. My other half has chef training, although not a chef, and likes her gadgets and follows modern techniques. Flank steak and short rib are other favourites for normally unpopular cuts that benefit from slow cooking. I also do a mean pork belly (brine for 24 hours then cook for 36 hours).

However, if you're after a bit of a party piece and like your beef, have a look at Lomo al Trapo. You just need an open fire. Great for a family gathering or dinner party with a difference.
I cook salmon in an own-made sous vide using a large pan, thermometer and a porous weight to keep the package under water. The salmon I seal in boil in the bags using a machine I bought from Lakeland.
Cook for 20 mins at 55 degrees.