Convert 3 phase to single phase startrite Ta300

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10 Jul 2019
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Hi ive just bought a startrite ta300 and want to convert it to run off domestic 240v. Ive had a read through previous threads and understand 2 options are to change the motor to a single phase motor or get a vfd phase invertor. The saw ive bought has a motor brake fitted and i like the idea of a brake and soft start on the motor. So i am favouring getting a vfd. Ive no experience with this allthough understand a bit about wiring motors. My quetion is the motor in the saw says 240/415 v so i believe it can be converted allthough the wiring in the junction box will need to be changed. Will this affect how the brake works. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciate


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18 Nov 2012
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Hello Rob
I'm not too sure if you will be able to retain the original braking function of your saw.
Someone more informed than me will come along shortly to set things straight.

If this is the case you might want to shop for a VFD which has the hardware for a braking resistor.
Since you have a dual voltage motor you have a broader and cheaper choice.
Beware of the far eastern VFD's which state that they have the components for a resistor, as some have the terminal, but not the hardware inside.
This simple device uses the energy from the stopping force, and powers up like an old bar radiator.
I've seen a comical hack with a big bandsaw, where someone used a hairdryer for the job.
Good luck with the saw


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