Compressed air

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That's the way I'm thinking, but I'm trying to keep the number of joints down so I'll need longer than that - I'm probably need 10metres to go around the shed on one side the garage on the other. A ten metre hose would go around the shed, throught the loft and down into the garage. I could then tee it off to go down by the lathe around the garage and down the other side. I'd rather not have joints in the loft, which is why I've drifted away from thinking about hard pipe. Obviously I need to measure exactly before committing.
If you are concerned the pressure/cfm won't be enough with the flexible hose, you could at least try connecting a tool using the hose temporarily in a big loop, before bundling it all through the loft and finding out afterwards it doesn't work :shock:
Post disappeared again. Irritating.
The demand is small, and I already use a long hose that's smaller than this one. It's being done just to do away with trailing hoses everywhere. I may buy or build a grit blasting cabinet, but I'd probably use that outdoors straight off the compressor.
Posts frequently disappear because this forum has the irritating "feature" that suspends your post if someone else has posted to a thread as you were typing an entry to it. Maybe this is the cause Phil. Obviously we have thousands of people posting to this forum, so this protective measure is essential :roll:
Excuse my ignorance but is there a reason why nylon hose & push fit connectors haven't been suggested. 10mm inside diameter (same as air hose in link) & 12mm outside diameter makes for a much tidier install.