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14 Jan 2020
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Hello all, good afternoon,
For those who have jumped into cnc routing and know the word, I am curious of opinions on the best option in the <1500~ range just as a hobby machine for woodwork, not expecting to do large or complex work with it and no soft/sheet metals. I'm considering selling a few things that take a lot of room and get little love to fund this, the computer work is more my thing so interests me a lot.

I've seen for that sort of price i could pick up a shapeoko3 xxl with extras when they rarely pop up over here or something like a denford bench model but i'm sure im missing some options and don't know the in's and out's of what i'm really looking at/for when buying used. I imagine the workbee probably falls into that range to but from my reading the shapeoko is the better of the two, please correct me if i'm wrong.
I have a Inventables X-Carve which I have upgraded to 750 x 1000 mm. If I was doing it all again I would go for a Workbee from Ooznest in Essex simply because of local availability and support.
Hi andy we have just ordered a 1500mm x 1500mm ooznest workbee.
If you go on youtube to Peter Millards site ( he has 11 videos of his experince of the workbee machine. Beware it will take about 30 hrs to build it. I have previous experince of build a snapmaker 3d printer so it doesnt scare me off.
we bought it because its had excellent reviews and more importantly it has telephone support which trust me you will need. The software the supply with the machine is very easy to opperate.
hope this helps
I've taken a look through the video series and taken your advice and started taking a real look at the ooznest. Im still a ways from affording one, maybe a few months but it gives me time to research and decide

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