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Travis Byrne

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4 May 2004
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Oklahoma, USA
Hello All
I would like to have a clipboard that holds more than one item. I use windows XP and it has only room for 1 cut and paste at at time.
Am I looking for something that has not been invented?
If there is one out "there" some where, could you point me in the right direction.

My XP clipboard will hold 12 items. Anytime I try to copy a second item up comes a display panel which shows a series of logo bloacks and a name under it. I just select and go.

Now you will want to know how to make this work. I hav'nt a clue as I have stopped following operating system rubbish for some time now.

See this Link

Instead of dragging the "clipbrd.exe" to your start folder as instructed in the text, until you are sure that is what you want, create a short-cut to it on your desktop.

This is the Clipboard viewer, You will then have the choice of saving what is on your clipboard to a file name of your choice (in a folder of your choice) if you subsequently do an open file in this application you will see the icons for all your saved clips.
Sawdust Producer":3szgagsz said:
excellent Chas , followed all that and it works for me

This is the method I use, I guess there are others, why M$ leave this functionality out of the XP OS as an option but put it in the Office Suit is beyond me.

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