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Wanted Chuck backplate for Axminster / Toolmex chuck.


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17 Aug 2017
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I am looking for a chuck backplate to fit my Axminster supplied Toolmex 100mm chuck. The thread needs to be: 1.5" x 8tpi. This is to fit a Viceroy lathe. I have been told the backplate is an iso std 4" Pratt + Bernard design. It has a 3 bolt fitting.
Axminster used to supply the backplate with part no. 900072 but no longer available.
Just wondered if someone had one sitting in the corner looking for a new home ??
I think 1 1/2" - 8 is the same as a Boxford lathe.

You could try this from ArcEuro


This might be a possiblity:


You would have to turn the register yourself and work out how to fix the chuck to the backplate (I do not know if the chuck you have is front-mounted with counterbored holes in the chuck requiring threaded holes in the backplate or rear-mounted, requiring plain holes in the backplate).
Hi Phil and Chailatte
Thanks for the info. I will look at both suggestions.
My chuck is a Toolmex supplied by Axi. The plate is rear mount and it has a register for the spindle and one for the chuck body on the front. And 3 clearance countered holes for cap screws. Quite a lot of machining to do from a blank. Beaufort looks a possibility. I would prefer an Axi one but will explore all avenues.
Thanks again.