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4 Apr 2023
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Hi guy's any body know where i can get an adapter to go from my Myford ml8 inbord 1" x12tpi to a 3/4×16 Record chuck that i have just aquired
Record say they dont do them any more
Cheers Little Harry
This has a small amount of potential insofar as 50% of the threads on it are correct:

If (and it is a big if) the internal threads are not cut too deep, it would be possible to turn down the male thread to a 3/4" spigot and add a new male thread. Clearly, if the internal threads are deeper than the diameter change on the outside, it is a non-starter.

Another option might be to bolt the chuck to a separate backplate which has the correct thread:

A third (£90) option is to ask this seller to make you one:

Edit: I should have thought of this earlier: have a look at the chuck and see if there is enough room to enlarge the existing thread in it to 1"-12. You need 1/8" of metal past the major diameter of the existing thread to do this. You would not be desecrating a priceless objet d'art in so doing.
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Or try HSW diamond tools, they have a large range of adapters and offer a bespoke service

They have two items off the shelf that would work if joined together but it would be horrible.

1"-12 female to 1"-8 male and then screw onto it 1"-8 female to 3/4"-16 male.

Bespoke would be more elegant.

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