Chester conquest metal working lathe.

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Hope you're still enjoying your lathe. Just a word of warning: it's capabilities are limited! If you're not pushing these I'm sure it'll be grand though.
I have the Chester version of the same lathe myself which was inherited from my old man who twice had to get a circuit board for it because some of the electronics had burnt out. He used to use it for all sorts, including metal spinning (silver) which I'm sure didn't help.
Anyway, it now resides in the corner of my workshop (without taking up too much space!) and I find it's great for turning brass and small stuff, which is about all I need it for. Shame my old man managed to render the reverse gear useless though! He was likewise a time-served engineer and any "abuse" the machine got wasn't through cack-handed ignorance but more from knowingly "pushing the envelope". The drive belt won't go first, the electronics will!

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