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12 Jan 2015
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Norn Iron
Does anyone know, if I buy a car which hasn't been taxed or sorned for a few years, would I be responsible for the back tax?
The replies are always good for a chuckle on here.

And as already mentioned twice, you're only responsible from the date you own the vehicle.
Perhaps more tricky is that you also become responsible for it having a valid MoT.
(Unless it is a ‘classic car’ - eg over 40 years old - in which case it will likely not need either MoT or VED)
Perhaps more tricky is that you also become responsible for it having a valid MoT.

In an ideal world, you should buy the car and insure, tax, and MoT it the same day but you're unlikely to get an MoT appointment for at least a week these days. It's perfectly legal to drive the car to the MoT centre without a MoT and then drive it away to remedy any faults unless they are serious which may result in the car being deemed unsafe to drive and not allowed to leave the MoT centre of its own power, but you can not drive the car without an MoT for any other reason so you can't drive it home after purchase.

But you also run into the problem that even whilst it's insured, the insurance is void whilst it hasn't got an MoT so you need to drive very carefully to the MoT centre, ideally during a time with no traffic.
If I recall, you can drive it to an MOT testing station as long as you have an appointment. DVLA website will tell you all you need. Make sure you get the proper. gov. uk one, it's rarely top of the list if you Google DVLA. Lots of pretend versions out there.
8 responses yet only one answer. What is this site becoming? Anyone suggested that instead of making his car road legal he should buy a festool yet?

No, as Gerry says, you are only responsible from the time you become the owner so don't worry.
The first answer was correct so no more debate was needed but it seemed a shame to waste a perfectly good starter for another 100+ thread.