Can the MenAtNMA give us an update?

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As it stands at the moment, there are no plans to produce machines until next year at the earliest. Spares are available but unfortunatley this is taking about 4 weeks for orders to be processed by the new company in France. NMA are meeting early in September with Kity/Scheppach and we are expecting more news of availability of machines then. What the full range of machines will be when production starts properly, we do not yet know, but not all the produced machine may be available in this country anyway.
I'm afraid thats all the news we have at the moment and hope this is useful to people. Its a case of wait and see.

Richard one of the menatnma
Thanks for the update Richard. The speed at which I'm getting my new workshop built will probably fit in with the Schepach timetable!

Cheers, David

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