Can I revive a Record power 8" bench grinder

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18 Dec 2021
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Isle of Wight
I was given a Record Power 8" bench grinder from a mate who said he didn't want it, its almost new. For me it spun up once but every other time, just buzzes and turns very slowly. If it was a standard electric motor I would suspect a duff capacitor and try changing it. Is that likely to be the problem with a fully enclosed motor like the bench grinder, and where would I find it, are spares available. If not I have been given two almost new wheels for free and will try and find an eight inch grinder to put them on.

If its that new, give record power a call, normally very helpful.
Take the bottom cover off the base and see if it is in there. To test to see if it is the start capacitor, hand spin the wheels and then with hands away turn it on while the wheels are spinning. It should spin up to speed.

It will be the capacitor in the base of the grinder - I’ve replaced my own and one for a chum due to this problem. it was a couple of years ago so I’ve forgotten the actual capacitor value, but seem to recall it was 6uFD.

I dare say Recorpd Power can supply one - they’re commonplace and widely available on ineternet.

Good luck with it.


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