Can anyone identify my pear?

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Cyber Heretic
15 Feb 2012
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South Devon
The pear in our garden has done exceedingly well the last couple of years - which is pleasing as it was a mess when we moved in five years ago (weak, spindly, covered in ivy). It would be nice if we could identify it, Any experts out there?
The fruits are currently reluctant to leave the tree. I removed about a third of the crop a few weeks ago as the tree was heavily overloaded. Even cooked they did not have much flavour.
Fruit harvested later in the year will have a much better flavour (I know this from previous years) but I have not tried storing the uncooked fruit for flavour. I would be a bit more adventurous if I thought this was a variety that would improve from storage.
Any ideas?


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bushwhaker":1ymlp3zb said:
Seems as La france, also called Claude Blanchet
The shape is definitely right, but the books say that that one is early ripening, and I am not sure that this fits my pear. My pear leaves look more shiny, and the canopy denser, but that could be my (inexpert) management.

Now I start looking I find there are almost as many pear varieties as apples. My oh my.