Brace query: Stanley No 909.

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23 May 2011
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Western Australia.
A contributor to the Aus' Woodwork forum has a brace branded STANLEY No 909 - 10IN and MADE IN ENG. I have never encountered a tool branded with England abbreviated like that and not come across that model number either. It looks very similar to a Stanley USA No 945. I found, via Google, an expired sale of a No 909 on a British tool sales site, and am hoping to get inundated with info' from you chaps and chapesses.
More confusing Stanley drill model numbers! With pictures from Google images to go on I think I've seen these a couple of times in the wild but they look so similar to other models, including the 73 and the 78, that I can't be sure.

I think I found the same listing as you on Tooltique, and two completed auctions on ... 3527713424 ... 3260401371

Frustratingly both of these have photos of the relevant side of the ratchet but show "MADE IN..." and crop off the rest!
It's there Ed, In the first link on the fourth photo along from the left...MADE IN ENG....well you find one then they become as common as farm yard detritus. I wonder if it is in fact a rebranded US No 945, with the hypothesis that a die carrying the letters ENG was substituted for the USA one? This could also show up my severe lack of knowledge on how branding was actually done.
Stanley braces frequently had the country of origin stamped on the chuck, from what I've seen pretty well 100% of the USA but a bit hit and miss with the GB and Aus' models. I can't see that on either of these two.
Ok so we've established that a previously unseen (by me) Stanley No 909 is relatively common, but no comment apart from Ed and me on the branding, so at the risk of being an annoyance I'll start another thread to attempt to generate a conversation on that issue.