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Boat builders' thread


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4 Jan 2021
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There are some very pretty canoe yawls I must admit. I'm a bit of a sucker for a Catboat aswell if I was going the direction of cruising.

Chris Brunton

26 Mar 2021
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Ware, Herts
This was the last boat I built, from bare mouldings from Colvic (Ardley laminated plastics) moored off a beach at Tean in the scillies. You can't see any of my work, the keel bolts, the rudder and its fixings. the keels main and bilge from 5" x 5" thick greenheart laminated to a max of 2 foot or so widem then shaped by hand. As were the engine beds and internal cross frames. Even the pulpit was home made. I wish I had her now but do hope to buy another when I can eventually return home to Cornwall.

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"A wise man learns from his mistakes: a genius learns from other peoples mistakes."...

I mentioned to a friend, Derek, a little while ago that I liked the idea of having a forge in the garden to play with. Next time he visited he said "I've got s'thing for you"... and he pulled a small home made forge from the back of his van. It uses a vacuum cleaner (blowing end) he picked up from the dump, as belows, with a simple valve he made on the forge. He said "I've been thinking about making one for ages and if I made one for you first and discover all the mistakes, I could make one for me that didn't have the mistakes." It works beautifully, I've made lots of stuff for myself, for friends and had quite a few friends come and 'have a go' who've never used a forge before! - Thanks Derek, you're a star!


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