Belt and Disc Sander at Lidl Today

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25 Aug 2021
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For anyone interested, Lidl today have their belt and disc sander on sale for £89.99. This is (I believe) the same as the Aldi one that is generally well reviewed and the Axminster one that costs £60 more. I picked one up this morning, haven’t had chance to test it yet but all looks good

Looks can be deceiving, to get some idea compare the weight and motor power of the products.

The Lidl is 370 watts and no weight given, the axminster one is the same power and weighs 21Kg. All these machines come out of the same factory, to similar not to and just rebadged with a colour change along with some variations but I dare say made to a price so it could be what you cannot see or the material that is different. But at the end of the day it is a sanding machine and not a precision tool so if it does the job for a year then what have you lost.
Looks can be deceiving
Fair point, my comparisons were certainly superficial

I've just been playing with the one I bought and am fairly happy so far. A bit noisy, but nothing horrendous. The little table could have done with another support instead of just on one side, if I decide to keep this I will look to add one which should be easy enough