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17 Sep 2002
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Don't know if this comes into the category of Buying Advice or not, but I went into one of our local B&Qs last night and they are having a closing-down sell-off. Not everything, mind you, but they've marked down some of their power tools to half price. Items I noticed were a Bosch PSB650RES drill at £24.99 and a Power Pro 1300 watt plunge router with 50-bit tool kit at £24.99. Not bad, you say, but for this weekend there appears to be an extra 10% pre-Christmas sale discount, making the a 1/2in plunge router £22.49 which has got to be a bit of a bargain (or even a Chrissy pressy! :lol: )

If you are going, it's the older B&Q near the top of Yorkshire Street, not the B&Q Warehouse at the end of the motorway spur.