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17 Jan 2023
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thought the little bandsaw needed a chin up and a confidence boost so thought I'd replace the sheet metal stand with a wooden effort that could double as a place to put the DX for it
mix of hand tools and power. had fun with the rebate plane. ended up using a power router for the cut out view port and the rear venting and the track saw for the plywood panels.


gonna fit a NVR switch to it.
whole thing easily dismantles for servicing by just taking top off and lifting the ply sheets out
I like this idea. I have a Lidl Wet/Dry vacuumn with power take off I use for my dust extraction, and it spends its time getting in the way. My bandsaw is set on my bench at the moment so moving it off would be good. I can carefully capture and release two birds with one stone with this solution. Just need to work out where I can put it....
@TobyT yes works well; saves space; make me use the DX more now as well. have now wired in a DP flip switch so I can flick it on and off from the outside

few further points
  • have some low voltage LEDs in the inside which tell me at a glance if the mains is on or not
  • view port is 3mm acrylic
  • have lined the inside with bitumen-type sound deadening material I had left over from a van project which helps direct noise away from me and out with the venting at the back.
  • need to keep an eye on heat build up if using for prolonged sessions and if necessary will put another couple slots in the back