Axminster Tools Receives the 2023 King's Award for Enterprise for the UJK Parf MK2 Guide System

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Having watched a lot of Peter's YouTube videos he seems to be a classic thoroughly nice sort of chap, so this is good to hear

I consider this to be a well-earned recognition. I don't know Peter and his work very well but from the little I do he seems a great guy, a master craftsman and this parf mk2 guide system is a superb implementation of a millenia-old principle. I could joke that it took 2500 years for the UJK Parf MK2 Guide System to be made but it's quite accurate. I'm yet to experience the actual working with this system as I just bought mine and didn'treceive yet.
Well done!
Having purchased the Parf II and having had the pleasure of meeting Peter and his wife at his home, I fully agree that he is a thoroughly nice chap - in real life he's just like he behaves in his videos.

I also remember visiting Axminster Tools with my dad when they still had a shop on the high street. That was over 40 years ago. In fact, from that visit my dad came away with a Kitty combination system - and this now sits in my garage.

Well done both to Peter and to Axminster.